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Listen to “Taking Advantage Of A Gap And Figuring Out The Rest Later with Brodie Meyer” on Spreaker.

Market gaps, niche markets, and some pretty amazing things in between – Brodie Meyer came for everything. EVERYTHING. And you can too.

Giving your genius idea ‘life’ can be a daunting process. How you go about it could be the difference between a product flop, or that product becoming THE unique player in the market. We spoke to Brodie Meyer – founder of adult shop Desir Intimate Collections – about how to find a gap in the market and use it to create a successful business.

“The minute we changed our business from a brick-and-mortar sex shop to a sex and wellness brand and started educating people on intimacy and backing it with medical information, we changed our trajectory.” Learn how to turn your smart idea into a business. 

Go Hustle Podcasts were recorded at the Redbull Music Studio, Cape Town. Now #GoHustle

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