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Work Out

Have you ever noticed that the average fitness influencer doesn’t sweat? She can apparently work out and still have perfect hair, often unsmudged make-up and her matchy-matchy outfit is free of any unsightly damp patches – whether her sweat sesh was “epic” or “tough”. Beetroot face is another affliction she’s not familiar with.

No Pain, All The Gains

It seems when you accumulate more than 10 000 followers on Instagram you unlock the ability to look put-together at all times along with the power of swipe-up. And that would be fine, except that it makes the rest of womanity feel like we also have to look hot (but not sweaty, mind!) after we work out. And that’s just BS.

Work Out, Fix Hair, Take Selfie

I have nothing against sweaty selfies. My feed is full of them. There’s something about smashing a workout that just makes you feel so damn good about yourself that you want to take a pic and post it, too. And that’s fine. But smashing a tough workout is hard. It’s messy. Your face will be red, your hair will be ratty, you will have damp patches in awkward places. Because you earned them. So why do we feel the need to try and look like we hardly touched a weight?

Own Your Sweat

Confession time: It took a comment from my husband to make me realise that my obsessive post-workout preening was kinda ridiculous. But since then, I’ve been posting genuine sweaty selfies with abandon and you know what? It feels liberating. The pics I post nowadays are moments of pure, endorphin-fuelled confidence. Not a drop of angst to be found. So here’s the challenge: Next time you want to take a sweaty selfie after your workout and post it on the gram, just take it. Don’t neaten up your hair first or splash your face with cold water. Just take the pic. You’re proud of yourself, right? It’s time to show it.

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